Friday, January 30, 2009


i faintly remember starting the bikes sometime in december and riding around the parking lot. i didn't go far because it was colder than a witch's tit and i still had a fresh hole in my head from brain surgery a week prior. for the most part i've been a good boy and have followed doctor's orders to take it easy, but i'm well past that "take it easy" shit. the only thing that's been holding me back from hitting the road is the horrible weather we've had this winter and the fact that i really don't feel like putting on the electrics and messing with all the wires. more shit to forget about and get in the way, i reckon. the weather-guessers are predicting a break this weekend, though. 40 is supposed to be the high on saturday and a whopping 55 on sunday. woohooooo!

not sure where i'll head, but i'm smokin' on heading east. toward cumberland falls perhaps. nice roads and a few bbq joints out that way. not sure what the weather will be like in that region yet. i should look that up, huh? no need to start the 2009 riding season off being a dumbass. may be too late for that.

i've decided i'll take the st13. it has plenty of good rubber and it wants to haul ass to anywhere. i may just ride it around a bit saturday, come back and change the oil. seems like the right thing to do.

yep. i reckon i've gone long enough without a good ride and all the pent up frustration has resulted in a ginormous road-jones.

what? you don't know what a road-jones is? hmmm... since i'm a guy, let me put it in guy terms. would you understand if i said "road-chubby" instead? that's what i thought. :) i have a serious road-jones and the only cure is to giddyup.

oh. and for the ladies out there that still don't get it... well... hmmm... ask your father.

if all goes well and i hit the road, here's a map of where i've been and where i'm at below. if you want to see a bigger version, go here:

see my road-jones here

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Runner said...

Cool, Jason! Add the "followers" gadget and I'll follow along.