Thursday, October 5, 2006

North East

After the Poker Run From Hell I had a week to blow before heading to Philly to celebrate a friend's birthday. Wasn't sure where the hell I was headed. On my in-state PA SS1K I enjoyed riding along the Delaware Water Gap so I decided to mosey on over and ride the gap up to Port Jervis.

I ate lunch in Port Jervis and headed for Hawk's Nest - a short section of SR-97 just north Port Jervis along the Delaware Scenic Byway which runs along the Delaware River. The ride up the Delaware is a nice scenic ride.

While at the hotel in Binghamton I perused the map and decided to head for the Catskills the next morning. An ol' boy can easily get lost in the Catskills. I want to go back and ride a lot more of the area, but did find some roads that went to nowhere, some brilliant colors and a few covered bridges.

On my way to Philly I decided to check out the Statue of Liberty and Gettysburg. Sure are a lot of deer in Gettysburg.

The next few days involved attaching what's below to a keg of Fosters, several bottles of varied strains of liquor, a few bottles of wine and, surprisingly enough, no jail time. I reckon we're getting old.

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