Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Crater Lake

After going back to Hells Canyon to ride up the Snake river to Hells Canyon dam, I decided to spend the night in Baker City at a nice, cheap hotel called Bridge Street Inn. Nothing fancy, but has WIFI, full cable and a comfortable bed for $35/night. That evening I was perusing the map looking for somewhere to go the next day. Crater Lake stood out as a place I've never been and that was all it took.

The next morning I packed up and hauled ass. Some damn fine roads in the area. I took SR-7 to US-26 to US-35 in John Day to US-20 to Bend. On the way south on US-97 I notice a couple bikes some distance behind me. Naturally and instinctively, I push a bit harder to maintain some separation. Not sure who the second bike was, but the first looked a lot like Warchild's XX with him on it. I knew in La Pine that it was him when they took SR-31 headed towards Gerlach and the start of the Spank Rally. I had planned on riding the rally, but backed out because I wanted to visit my brother in southern California before heading to the IBA National Meet in Denver. Neither of which happened, but that's a story for another time.

I finally made it to Crater Lake and marveled at what I saw. Ideally, you'd spend an entire day there to get the best pics, do a little hiking and bit of chillin and relaxin. I got there just prior to lunch and enjoyed the ride around the entire lake. This is what I saw...

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