Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Trek - Picture Collage

This is a collage of pictures taken on my travels across North America between May and August of 2003. Other than captions, the verbiage is minimal here. My most cherished experiences are chronicled in the Iron Butt Rally and Ultimate Coast to Coast ride reports. The reports contain a lot of pics not found here too. Be sure and check them out. The links are below along with a few other pages with pics from various events I attended while traipsing all over North America. Enjoy.

Iron Butt Rally - August
Ultimate Coast to Coast - June
MTF Poker Run From Hell - May
Hyder Seek - May
MTF Bishop's Castle Ride - August

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a man-boy and his machine ready to giddyup

my good friend alan with a big ol' shit-eatin' grin on his face

alan coming down the talimena scenic byway

some pics in arkansas

another good friend, don, looking like a real gangsta

the 7 zagnuts that went all the way to arkansas to ride 5000 miles of interstate. congrats on the ss5k, but you're all chumps in my book. :) there's an eighth chump that went on to complete a 10/10ths. i'm sure his wheels were spinning when this picture was taken.

along a dirt road in b-f-e wyoming

along the icefields parkway in alberta, ca

dale, fred and rick in hyder, ak

salmon glacier - hyder, ak

yet another good friend of mine, tony (itsecurity) from edmonton

pics from the haul road

pics from a ride to valdez with frank and jack

dawson, yt looking down and upstream of the yukon river

one step closer and i don't think i would be here now

along a dirt road in b-f-e manitoba

a stream in the carolinas

don't pass up a booger burger in booger hollow, ar

a good friend of mine, jeff, caught with his pants down

bishop castle

from the highest paved road in america - mt evans in colorado

flaming gorge reservoir - southern wyoming

looking out onto mono lake - california

views of the sierra nevada mountains and the ancient bristlecone pine forest

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