Saturday, May 10, 2003

MTF Poker Run From Hell

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Alan Having a Good Time

Alan On The Talimena

BJ & Jo On The Talimena

Jim On The Talimena

Ron & Pat On The Talimena

Yogi On The Talimena

Sniffin' Barn

Sniffin' Horses

Chit Chattin'

Butterfly & Honeysuckle


Pat, Alan & Ron

(a.k.a P-Diggidy, A Real G)

Yogi, Don, Alan,
George and John

Bob Slow Ridin'

Paige Slow Ridin'

Ollie Slow Ridin'

Jeff Slow Ridin'

Bo Slow Ridin'

Jim Slow Ridin'

Dave Slow Ridin'

Cleanest Bike Award

Mr. Congeniality Award

SS5K Riders (7 of 8)

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